Ins And Outs Of Walk-In Cooler Door Gaskets

The door gaskets on your walk-in cooler are vitally important so they cannot be ignored. If something goes wrong with the gasket, the door is not going to close properly. As a result, air will be able to flow in and out of the system. Once this happens, the energy efficiency level of your system will drop substantially. More wear will be placed on the components since they’ll have to work overtime to keep everything fresh. Suffice to say, business owners should take extra steps to ensure that their walk-in cooler door gaskets remain in excellent shape. Check them regularly and make sure they’re not damaged, ripped, or torn. A1 San Francisco Commercial Refrigeration Repair Once they’re no longer working effectively, you may end up wasting thousands of dollars. Your energy bill will experience noticeable increases and some of your food may spoil. Before this happens, check the gaskets to ensure they’re still in good condition. Below, you’ll learn more about the most common gaskets found on doors for walk-in coolers.

Common Gaskets

When it comes to refrigeration equipment, there are many gasket types. However, there are two common types found on walk-in coolers. For instance, you’re going to find wiper gaskets and magnetic gaskets. Magnetic gaskets are vital because they help keep the walk-in door sealed. They’re installed around the door to ensure that air is trapped inside the system. They tend to be thicker and are commonly made using flexible PVC. As for wiper gaskets, they are found on the door and frame. They’re slimmer. Again, the gaskets are important for preventing air from entering the walk-in cooler. Some people call them wiper stripes. They are most commonly made using vinyl.

Proper Gasket Care

It is vital to make sure that your gaskets are not properly damaged. Regular inspections will help ensure that everything is in excellent condition. If you find any small tears or rips on the gaskets, you might be able to fix the problem shortly by using petroleum jelly. Use it to seal the gap. Just remember that this won’t permanently fix the problem. Instead, you’ll have to hire a professional to replace the damaged gasket eventually. You’ll also want to clean your gaskets several times each month. You’ll be glad that you did because proper cleaning will prolong the lifespan of the gaskets and help you avoid problems. Be sure to use hot water and soap. Don’t use harmful chemicals that could damage the gaskets. Always look for condensation and ice when entering your walk-in cooler. This could be a sign that the gaskets must be replaced.

Replacing Old Or Damaged Gaskets

It is common to find many different types of walk-in cooler door gaskets. They’re not universal. Therefore, you will have difficulty finding suitable replacements. Unless you know the exact replacement model, it is best to hire a professional. You can also try contacting the manufacturer to find out which gasket you need. If you pick the wrong gasket, it will not work. It won’t seal the unit properly. Working with a professional reduces the risk that you’re going to waste money buying the wrong gasket. Your door gaskets are vitally important so you cannot ignore them. They should be checked once or twice a week. At the very least, check and clean the gaskets once a month. If you find any issues, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Damaged gaskets could cost your business thousands of dollars in waste. You’ll pay more on your electricity bill and you’ll end up with spoiled food. Call our office to find out what we can do for you. We’ll find the proper replacement gasket and get the gasket installed for you promptly.

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