Keep Your Walk-In Freezer Clean

If your company uses a walk-in freezer, you already know how important this equipment is. Without it, you’re going to experience severe problems. You won’t be able to store perishable items or keep them fresh. Suffice to say, it is essential to ensure that the system remains operational and in excellent condition. Although it will be a lot of work, you must put in extra effort to properly maintain the walk-in freezer system and its vital components. Otherwise, something is going to break much sooner than it should. Regular cleanings and inspections will help you identify and tackle potential problems before they blow up in your face. A1 San Francisco Commercial Refrigeration Repair You’ll also find that you can maintain the energy efficiency of your system by cleaning it clean. It is wise to clean your walk-in freezer thoroughly at least once or twice a month. The floors can be mopped once or twice a day. Don’t neglect this because your decision will come back to haunt you. Instead, you should use the advice below to ensure that everything is clean and in excellent condition.

Cleaning & Drying The Walk-In Cooler Floors

Make sure that the floors of your walk-in coolers are clean and tidy. If the floors are dirty, your workers might get hurt. They could trip over a box and get seriously hurt. Furthermore, you might mop the floor without drying it. The water may freeze. Someone might slip on the ice and fall. They could break their leg, arm, or even neck. You’ll obviously want to avoid this issue because it could ruin your business. Plus, you want to protect your workers since you depend on them heavily. Clean the floors thoroughly and make sure you have a clear path through. Remove trip hazards to ensure that everyone is going to be safe when walking through the cooler.

Don’t Leave The Door Open

Leaving the door open for long periods is a big problem. If you do this, you’re going to let the cold air escape. As this happens, the walk-in cooler will get hotter and the food items may spoil. In addition to this, you’re going to be placing a lot of pressure on the components. They’ll have to work around the clock to keep up with the added demand. Instead, you should close the door when you enter or exit the unit. The good news is that many walk-in freezers feature hydraulic door closers. The component will automatically close the door for you. Just make sure the safety releases are working so you can escape if you get locked inside.

Don’t Leave The Lights On

It is always pertinent to minimize your electricity usage. Leaving the lights on might seem like a small mistake, but it will increase your energy costs. Instead, you should turn off the lights in any room when you’re not using the room in question. You’ll also want to do this for your walk-in cooler. Leaving the walk-in freezer’s lights on for long periods will waste energy. Also, this means that the heat from the lights will increase the temperature inside the unit. Therefore, the equipment will begin working harder to offset the heat. Turn the lights off to avoid problems.

Clean Your Gaskets Often

Most business owners overlook their gaskets. Although it is a small component, the gasket is vital for keeping the unit sealed. Gaskets are found around the door. They stop air from getting through the small gaps around the door. Cleaning the gaskets regularly is important because this can help prolong their life. If the gaskets have food crumbs or debris, they’re going to be more likely to rip and tear. They may allow air to slip through too. Clean and inspect the gaskets several times each month. For the best results, use hot water and mild soap.

Cleaning The Coils

Ultimately, the condensing and evaporator coils are very important. You cannot ignore the coils because they’re costly. Plus, a malfunctioning coil is going to lead to serious problems. If the coils are dirty, they’re going to be much more likely to overheat. Once this happens, the interior will become hotter. It’ll be harder for the system to keep the perishables cold and fresh. Your energy prices will climb. You can clean the coils using a stiff brush, water, and soap. Just make sure that you’re careful so you don’t damage the coils. It might be best to let a qualified professional clean the coils for you.

Always Make Sure The Drain Line Is Clear

You must make sure that the drain line is clear. As you’ve likely already guessed, the drain line allows water to drain from the system. Once the line has clogged, you’re going to experience leaks and overflowing water. The water will freeze or cause mold to develop in the walk-in cooler. To prevent such problems, you should regularly check and clear the drain line. Make sure it isn’t clogged. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to prevent mold from growing in your walk-in freezer. You’ll also protect your workers by eliminating possible slip hazards.

Make Sure The Area Close To The Condenser Is Clear

Besides the other components, you’ll also want to check the condenser. You need to make sure that the area around this component is clear. If you have too many items close to the condenser, the airflow will be obstructed. As a result, the condenser will not be able to work efficiently. More pressure will be placed on this vital component so it may break down sooner. Remove items from around the condenser so it can work at maximum efficiency.

Take Care Of The Evaporator

The evaporator is another vital component of your walk-in freezer. You’ll also need to make sure that it remains clean so you can avoid costly repairs. In general, it is best for business owners to clean their evaporators at least twice a year. When doing so, use hot water and mild soap. Never use harsh chemicals because these chemicals may damage finishes and components. You can also purchase and use a good coil cleaner. It is wise to check with the manufacturer to find out which product is best for your evaporator. If you’ve noticed a lot of dust and dirt collecting on your evaporator, heat may be trapped. If you don’t fix this problem, the coils will begin building frost and ice. The ice may melt before freezing again. In the long run, this could damage your products and components. Be careful to avoid this issue by checking your evaporator regularly.

Hiring Professionals To Care For Your Walk-In Freezer

Even though you use your walk-in freezer regularly, you’re not a qualified professional. With this in mind, you should not overestimate your ability. While you can clean certain components, your skills are likely limited. Unless you’re certified, it is best to work with a qualified, licensed professional. With help from a professional, you can guarantee that everything is properly maintained and running well. Remember that you don’t have to resolve these issues on your own because we’re here to help you. Our specialists have received years of training. They’ve been in the business for a long time. We’re confident that we can help you maintain the energy efficiency of your system. Doing so guarantees that you’ll save money and avoid costly repairs so soon. Our technicians are going to treat you like a member of the family and with the utmost respect. With our assistance, you can sleep soundly knowing that everything is fine. If you’re ready to begin taking care of your walk-in freezer, we’re here to help you. We can help you set up a customized maintenance plan to take care of the vital components. We’re available around the clock and on holidays. Whether you’ve experienced a problem or want to set up a maintenance plan, call us. We’ll be here for you.

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