Prep Table Repair And Service

When you sit down and lay everything out on paper, it only makes sense to keep your prep tables operating in peak condition. These tables are essential to the quick and effective delivery of your products. Even when they are functioning to the best of their abilities, they are going to cause major problems. A complete breakdown will only result in even more undesirable consequences.

When you are in the food industry, it’s your food that’s the staple of your business. It’s literally everything. From your revenue to your reputation, your business depends on the execution and delivery of your food products. That’s why prep tables are such essential components of any food business.

For customers standing in line, these tables probably seem like nothing more than an ordinary tables where their food is assembled. To the workers, they are much more than that. These tables are strategically and specifically designed to reach and maintain desired temperatures. Many are even equipped with under-the-counter appliances like microwaves and coolers that assist even further in the food prep process.

Refrigerated or microwavable cabinets might not seem like a major deal, but they keep food businesses operating effectively. Prepping and delivering food with the freshest and best tasting ingredients would not even be possible without such crucial components.

It goes without saying that your prep table is a crucial part of your operation. When it starts to fail, it could literally bring your entire operation to a halt. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent every possible future outcome, but there are ways to greatly reduce the chances. And that’s where our maintenance services come in.

Our techs can maintain, check, and repair your table so that it stays in perpetual working order. Let us familiarize ourselves with your operation so we’ll be better equipped to handle any of your needs.

Common Problems

Most prep tables work based on common theories and similar designs. Regardless of the model or manufacturer, many of these tables require many of the same functioning components. This should be considered a good thing, as it’ll better help you at detecting potential problems. When things start to go wrong, they are usually followed by similar symptoms. Here are some of the most common problems our techs run into out in the field:

Compressor failure

Fluctuating temperatures but never reaching optimal conditions

Condensation build-up in the box area

Icing up around the coil

Malfunctioning doors

Complete freezing or icing over

If you have any other Commercial Refrigeration issues please check out other services.

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