Protect Your Walk-In Unit Doors And Help Them Last

You cannot ignore the importance of your walk-in unit doors. Although you’re likely going to take them for granted at some point, you shouldn’t. The door is one of the most important components because it created a fully enclosed environment. You also need to remember that the door is going to receive a lot of abuse from you and your workers. When someone rushes into the walk-in cooler, there is a good chance that they’re going to bump into the door. They might even kick the bottom of the door with their steel-toed boots. Over time, this is going to do a lot of damage to the equipment. If the door begins sagging, it will not close properly. A1 San Francisco Commercial Refrigeration Repair Air will begin exiting and entering the unit freely. Find out what is wrong so you can repair the problem immediately. Otherwise, you’ll waste money on electricity. Use the advice below to ensure that your system is as energy efficient as possible.
  • First, the door needs to be installed correctly. Unfortunately, some companies just want to get the job done as quickly as possible. They don’t care about perfection. We do. We’ll make sure that the door is installed properly so it’ll close and seal completely.
  • Don’t forget to protect the door. As mentioned above, the door is going to be hit by boots and other items. It might be banged up by carts and forklifts. One of the best ways to protect the door is by installing kick plates. Just remember that you may need to replace the door when it becomes badly damaged. We can help you do that.
  • Regular maintenance can make a big difference. If you neglect your walk-in door, you’re likely going to run into various problems. Our company offers regular maintenance services or you can try tackling this problem on your own. Regardless, you need to make sure that your walk-in unit components are properly cared for. Otherwise, malfunctions are going to happen much sooner.
  • Don’t be afraid of calling an expert. In some cases, you’ll have no other choice. If you’ve found frost or condensation around the door, it is time to find a reputable professional in your city. Remember that we’re here to help you. Our technicians serve local business owners so don’t hesitate to call us immediately.
When the door is working properly, you’ll receive much better results. The unit will be fully sealed so you don’t have to worry about hot air entering the system or cold air escaping. The components will work less and you’ll save money on your energy bill. When the door stops shutting correctly, you’re going to experience a wealth of serious problems that you cannot ignore. Your equipment will be more likely to malfunction and your electricity costs will jump significantly. We recommend letting a professional inspect and maintain your walk-in cooler door to guarantee the system remains operational and energy efficient. We have technicians standing by and hope you’ll call us. We’ll go to great lengths to ensure that you’ll be happy with our service.

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