Warning Signs: Common Indications Your Walk-In May Need Repair

If your business uses a walk-in cooler or freezer, you must go to great lengths to ensure that it remains in good condition. Neglecting the system will lead to repeated malfunctions and expensive repairs. Plus, you’ll have to worry about your food spoiling. Can your business afford to replace its walk-in cooler and replace the spoiled items? Unfortunately, such a problem could easily bankrupt your business. You must do something about this before it spirals out of control. Learning how to identify problems with your walk-in freezer will prove to be very beneficial. Besides working with a professional, you’ll need to know when you should call someone. Use the advice below to know when you should call our office. A1 San Francisco Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Look For Frost

When you decide to inspect your walk-in cooler, you need to begin looking for frost. When something goes wrong, you’ll likely notice frost developing on the surfaces, boxes, and doors. Unfortunately, this is a sign that something is wrong. The temperatures are changing quickly causing items to melt before refreezing. On the other hand, the humidity levels may be wrong. Too much condensation may be inside the walk-in cooler. If frost is found around the door or frame, your door likely isn’t sealing completely. It could be a faulty gasket. Regardless, it is time to call a professional.

Erratic Temperatures

A functional walk-in cooler should be able to maintain the desired temperature without issues. If it can do this, you don’t have to worry about your food items getting too hot or too cold. They’ll have the perfect environment to thrive in for as long as possible. When something goes wrong with your walk-in cooler, you’ll likely experience fluctuating temperatures. The temperatures will likely be too hot causing your foods to spoil. It could be a minor problem. For instance, your workers might be leaving the door open for too long. However, it could be a problem with one of the vital components. Find out before your food items spoil.

Strange Odors

You’ll also want to check your walk-in cooler for strange odors. If you notice a burning smell, the motor might’ve burned out. Stale odors could be a sign that something is wrong too. Food may be spoiling. Strange odors can also tell you that your condenser needs to be replaced.

Odd Noises

Listening to your walk-in freezer equipment can tell you a lot about its condition. If the system is operating too loudly, there is likely something wrong. It is common for the equipment to produce a noticeable noise, but it shouldn’t be too loud. Excess noise means that you likely have a mechanical problem that needs immediate attention.


Finally, you need to be worried about water leaks. Once you’ve entered your walk-in refrigerator, you should check for water leaks. A leak could be a sign that one of the components has malfunctioned. It could also be ice or frost melting. If you’re not careful, the leak will lead to additional issues. For instance, it could cause mold to grow in your walk-in cooler. Get help immediately to avoid such problems. It is never fun to experience problems with your refrigeration equipment. Nevertheless, they must be dealt with promptly. We encourage you to call our local office so we can help you troubleshoot and fix the problem right away. We’ll get it fixed before you know it.

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